Understand Understanding

What is it?

An exhibition featuring a short film that explores the formulation of our thoughts, the logic behind them, and how is the logic practiced in our process of understanding.

Digital Showroom Mockup

Left Screen: Footage Only                  Right Screen: Sound & Subtitle Only

What does it do and Why?

The film breaks down our understanding through three aspects: perception, word & symbol, and context. It discusses our thinking logic through a lens of skepticism, and enlightens the viewer to revisit the presumptions in their thinking process.
As a designer, I believe it is important for us to understand how messages are communicated through media under various circumstances. We are not only the message receivers, but also the message composers. We should understand our ways of understanding, so we can start to reconsider and question the ways we communicate information. It is our obligation to stay sane in this babel of mass information and arouse innovations to challenge the static thinking ways through unconventional designs in the near future.

How did it come along?

It all started when I realized that as we are living in an era of mass information,our daily lives are surrounded by designs that communicate messages. Some designs are straight forward while some are ambiguous and puzzling that require more thinking to unfold. Nevertheless, there is one premise that they all share: In order to be widely displayed, these designs as message conveyors, must possess the certainty that they can be translated by the majority audience.

But where does this certainty come from? Why are we capable of translating messages? The film intends to find out the answers, and its outcome is built upon the two prior experiments.

Experiment1: A Card Game that visually displays individuals’ thinking logic and how much they can vary from each other’s

Each card has clues on both sides. Players need to first interpret the meaning of each card based on the graphic and the word riddle, then they arrange the cards in whichever way they think makes more sense.

Experiment 2: A Website that explores the concept of sequence and consequence which represent Time and Context.

The site takes the reader through the two sides of one same narrative that eventually loops seamlessly.