What is it?

Space Oddity is a short film which pays tribute to interfaces. It depicts a story of a robot getting out of human beings' control through the static perspective of the control panel.

What does it do and Why?

The film aims to create an overwhelming feeling caused by the interfaces, which indicates our daily lives flooded by numerous interfaces. The scenario of the robot getting rid of human’s control reflects and questions our relationship with technology. The interfaces are conducted in two languages in complicated technical terms in order to enhance the overwhelming feeling.

How did it come along?

The film is inspired by The Retro Soviet Control Room , from which I started to rethink about the evolution of interfaces and our close relationship with them. For the past few decades, this relationship has become firmer and firmer, until nowadays interfaces are already inseparable from us. We rely on them fully, but what would happen if one day we are discarded by them? It was with this question in mind that I created Space Oddity.
The design aesthetics are inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion