What is it?

ORGA is a documentary channel that explores various areas such as Biology, Anthropology, Mycology,Ecosystem,and Biotechnology.

The video includes the channel reel, two program teasers, one channel advertisement, and two channel idents.

What does it do and Why?

As science and technology keep developing, artificial experience methods such as AR are becoming more and more dominant. Soon enough, the younger generations would be immersed in a realm of artificial environment and rarely be exposed to real nature. ORGA stands as a medium in-between to acknowledge the future generations about nature, and discuss the ever-evolving ethical problems occurring in the relationship of human, science, and nature.

How did it come along?

ORGA is inspired by Richard Greenberg’s classic sequence design for Alien in 1979. The methods of segregating the letters and having them presented in abstract composition is practiced in ORGA’s identity design.

The principle typefaces is Aqua Grotesque with s supplementary typeface of Cinzel. The san-serif choice brings out the futuristic sense while the serif typeface brings out the textbook-like retrospective feeling, as well as enhancing contrast for the sake of clearity and legibility.

The LOGO is designed in the mixture of Aqua Grotesque and Anurati. The O letter with a circle in the middle, is a representation of the composition of a cell.